Whatever He Says to you, do it…

I enjoy television commercials. (I know…weird, huh?) The writers and creatives that make those happen are just that; creative. Slogans and jingles from those can really stick in your mind.

Whether it is a certain cow that has an affection for chicken, or a song that gets stuck in your head, or some arches that are yellow…each of us remember those products and commercials.

I also remember a swoosh with the slogan, “____________ do it.” (You filled in the blank, didn’t you?)

Which brings me to a story in the Bible about a wedding. (John, chapter 2.)

Jesus and his disciples had been invited to a wedding in a town called Cana. As the celebration continued the wedding hosts ran out of wine. It was at that moment that Mary, Jesus’ mother, said a powerful statement to those who were serving at the wedding. She looked at the servants, and pointing at Jesus, said:

“Whatever He says to you, do it.” (John 2:5)

Such a powerful directive!

Do you ever find yourself making excuses to not do what Jesus said? I know I do…Here in this story though, all of our excuses are torn down. I learn that we can do what Jesus said…

Whatever He says to you, DO IT…

Even though…

  1. You are not at the right place. (John 2:1-2)
    Jesus was at a wedding, not a church. You may feel you are not in the right place for God to direct you, but you are right where you need to be.
  2. You have a lot of problems. (v. 3)
    They had no wine.
    What you focus on will grow. Don’t let your problems become a bigger focus than God’s power.
  3. You are not encouraged. (v. 4)
    Jesus told Mary, “It is not my time.” Yet instead of being discouraged, she grabbed the possibility of a miracle.
  4. You have not walked with the Lord for very long. (v. 5)
    The servants had just met Jesus. The disciples had just started following Him, yet they were expected to obey.
  5. You have not see Him work miracles in your life. (v. 7-9)
    This was Jesus’ first miracle. He had not performed one miracle yet.
    They obeyed before they saw their breakthrough.
  6. You don’t understand the entire process.
    We can’t see all that God is doing. His ways are far greater than we can comprehend. But He is working!…FOR YOU!

Whatever He says to you, DO IT! Even though…

Today, lean in close to the Lord. Hear Him whisper your name. Listen for His direction…and follow Him. It will be an amazing journey!!

Dealing some hope today,

Pastor Dave